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Psychosynthesis psychology was developed around hundred years ago by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian Psychiatrist and contemporary of Freud and Jung. It differs from other models in that it recognises that there is a creative intelligence at work in the twists and turns of life. This deeper 'knowing' is not separate or above us, but is our very source.

Assagioli argued that we are each born with a unique identity and purpose enfolded in us (rather like the oak tree enfolded in potential within the acorn). Repression of this potential can be every bit as painful and debilitating as the impact of childhood wounding.

Where our purpose and potential becomes obscured we can begin to feel empty, lost or profoundly alone. These symptoms indicate a call to connect to something more nourishing, intimate and authentic.

Paradoxically it is often at the point that we feel most lost, most unsettled, that this intelligence is nearest to the surface of our lives. With support and insight our disturbance can become the doorway through which 'the light gets in' - and this is why psychotherapy can be so transformational.

Psychosynthesis psychotherapy aims both to heal the life-limiting and sometimes traumatic experiences of our childhood and to free us to come into relationship with our most authentic self so that our lives can have joy, meaning and purpose.

It addresses all of who we are - past, present, and future.

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